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Name Argentum Age

Website :

Why ? Argentum Age is a digital collectible card game with tactical elements and a focus on skill. We aim to be a community-driven game that is developed by and for its players. The game is Open Source and is designed to be moddable. We are also committed to Argentum Age avoiding any “pay to win” elements that some games feature. The stable version may be a bit old but they are still developping the game.

Opensource : Yes

Source :

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Nonolander added a comment.EditedMay 15 2017, 6:35 AM

Why ? Isn't it opensource ? So we can include it directly in the repository ?

I'm seeing no indication that it is open source. The tarball you linked isn't source, it's binaries and data. It isn't going in the main repo unless it's open source or we have (re-)distribution rights, which we don't.

Justin added a subscriber: Justin.EditedNov 7 2017, 12:11 AM

Looks to be licensed under a variety of open source licenses Public-Domain, Zlib (I think) + BSD.

Link from their site under build from source.

Lonsfor added a subscriber: Lonsfor.Jan 4 2018, 1:18 AM
BearzR added a subscriber: BearzR.Apr 1 2018, 12:47 AM

@Justin I believe that what you linked to is the game engine that its built with. If you go to the home page for the game and click build from source it instructs you to first build the Anura engine then to just git clone their repo as a module for it.

Here is the license file for the game.

Which it looks like its a mix of Creative Commons 4.0 and GNU GPL version 2. There is, however, another problem there is no release tarballs for the game from their GitHub page, so I don't think this can be included.

@BearzR not having a tarball is less of an issue since they are using Git. The real issue is that they don't have any version number to go along with a specific commit.

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Yeah, I need coffee still.

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Commander-Zal added a subscriber: Commander-Zal.EditedApr 1 2018, 5:16 PM

I contacted the Argentum Age devs on their Discord regarding tagging an official stable release on their github.

They said it would be possible to tag the latest build specifically for Solus with a 'Solus' tag instead of a numbered/versioned release due to Argentum Age apparently coming with it's own updater built in, negating the need to tag every major release.

Alternatively, they also would be willing to tag the Updater itself, if that is of any benefit.

As long as the version that they tag for Solus continues to work, it theoretically would never really need to be updated for the repository unless a package conflict arose. Or at least that's what it would seem like from my layman's perspective. :P

Would either of their proposals be acceptable, @DataDrake ?

In case it becomes difficult to find their responses in the linked Discord group, I'll quote the conversation here:


Greetings Argentum Dev(s?) 😃
I'm here (unofficially) on behalf of the Solus Linux community. Would it be possible for one of the devs here to officially tag the latest stable build of Argentum Age as a release on Github? It's been requested to be added to the Solus repository, but unfortunately due to their inclusion policy, they can only accept programs that are tagged in such a way.
Thank you for your time, and consideration. Cheers! ^_^


Greetings! Would a solus tag do?


greetings. The big problem is that we have argentum age continually updating with its own updater. We could possibly tag the updater if that would be interesting to you


Thanks for the response, @Denivarius and @galegosimpatico ! I'm not sure if either of those solutions would satisfy their requirements. As long as the updater doesn't have any issues updating to the latest version no matter how old the base/original install is, I don't see why that wouldn't work. I'll leave a message on the Solus page regarding this and get back to you guys when they respond. 😃

DataDrake closed this task as Wontfix.Jul 12 2018, 11:25 AM
DataDrake claimed this task.

I'm very wary of including something with an auto-updater and where we would have to follow git commits instead of numbered versions. Something like this would be a lot better if upstream used Snap or Flatpak, to be perfectly honest. To that end, I'm marking this ineligible due to a lack of version numbers and the amount of time it would take to maintain.