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assuming this gets accepted the only dependency is pycodestyle it seems which is packaged in the repo IIRC so should be an easy package.yml

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Here is a patch for python-autopep8, it covers both Python 2 & 3. Using the slightly newer version 1.3.2.


@doc-E-brown this way of submitting patches is deprecated.
You have to submit packages using aracnist, don't worry it's very easy:

I'm curious, no complaining involved: why to have it packaged instead of installing it via pip3?

yeah it's true this hasn't been accepted

Yeah autopep8 can be installed via pip and pip3. I was wondering about whether it would be accepted as a package myself. I did a quick check on IRC, had a look around at some other packages, and saw a couple of similar packages like pycodestyle that also are pip installable. If nothing else thanks to @kyrios123 I was able to get familiar with the patch process ;)

@doc-E-brown This package request is still in the backlog (look on the right column, in the Tags section). This means Triage Team still has to decide if it will be accepted or not.
Patches should be submitted only after the request is accepted.
The thing is that when a patch is attached to a task, the Herald script automatically closes it as invalid since this was of working is deprecated. (packages requests and patches submissions had to be done in individual tasks).

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Unassigned due to lack of activity.

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Should've been marked as resolved.