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Gravit Designer
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Name: Gravit Designer
Why: Because its easier to work with than inkscape imo
Open Source: idk ""

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This program looks very interesting. What's wrong with downloading the zip and installing it that way?

the menus dont show up naturally for some reason

In budgie some programs you have to press the alt key to see the menus. Hope that helps.

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Hi everyone, this is Alex CEO from Gravit. I am sorry if we miss-communicated but of course we allow redistribution :)

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@reiberdatschi23 So, I'd like to include this, but you are bundling it as an AppImage for Linux and we don't redistribute those. We should be able to provide any OS level dependencies for this, but I really need a tarball (preferably with a version number) of the files so that we can repackage it for Solus. We do something fairly similar for Discord: R628 discord

Hi @DataDrake, I'm a developer of Gravit. Currently, we upload to our website a "hidden" .zip of Gravit Designer with non-bundled files. Here's the link:
We did this some time ago exclusively to allow redistribution. The url is always the same, with the version at the end changing for each release. Is that enough to repackage for Solus or something's missing there?

Don't we need a TARBALL instead of ZIP, do we?

I'm new to Solus so forgive my ignorance. Since this has been marked as "Accepted for Inclusion" does that mean it is being worked on or does somebody still need to volunteer to actually handle the packaging?

I just recently found Gravit and it has become indispensable as a design and prototyping tool. I'm eagerly looking forward to it showing up for install in the Solus Software Center.

It means that an volunteer can package it

It means that never will be in Solus Software Center as official?

No, we're fine with a versioned zip file. We're not that picky. That's why it's accepted, just needs someone to provide a patch for it.

Don't developers of Gravit provide it?

Perhaps it's a stupid question but since it is not open source shouldn't it be flagged as "3rd party" ?
And since it is officially available as a snap, isn't this task resolved already ?

There is no vector graphics application yet in Solus Software Center that can work properly with for example CMYK or native border positions (inside/center/outside), etc.

Perhaps it's a stupid question but since it is not open source shouldn't it be flagged as "3rd party" ?
And since it is officially available as a snap, isn't this task resolved already ?

No and no. We are allowing it in the repo because we have been given permission to redistribute it. It's the same deal with Discord and a few others things.

@Rekollekt the developers have provided a zip for us, it just needs to be packaged. It has already been accepted and that isn't going to change, so no need to defend it :)

Do you have any news after almost two months?

Up Up Up for this.
We want to make Solus for All in One Dev and Design Tool

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This has sat in accepted for inclusion for over 6 months now. Clearly, there is a lack of demand for the inclusion of this software, nobody has stepped up to provide a patch, maintain it, and properly integrate it. Closing as a result. Feel free to reopen but only when someone offers a patch via our proper patch submission methods and volunteers to be maintainer.

@davidjharder I think we should talk to Corel itself.

Part of Corel's EULA:

You may not distribute the Software without Our permission unless otherwise provided for in this EULA or by law.

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Marking as ineligible because of licensing.