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ace-voip Package Description

ACE (Automated Corporate Enumerator) is a simple yet powerful VoIP Corporate Directory enumeration tool that mimics the behavior of an IP Phone in order to download the name and extension entries that a given phone can display on its screen interface. In the same way that the “corporate directory” feature of VoIP hardphones enables users to easily dial by name via their VoIP handsets, ACE was developed as a research idea born from “VoIP Hopper” to automate VoIP attacks that can be targeted against names in an enterprise Directory. The concept is that in the future, attacks will be carried out against users based on their name, rather than targeting VoIP traffic against random RTP audio streams or IP addresses. ACE works by using DHCP, TFTP, and HTTP in order to download the VoIP corporate directory. It then outputs the directory to a text file, which can be used as input to other VoIP assessment tools.

Category: Information Gathering
Author: Sipera VIPER Lab
License: GPLv3

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