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Seeing as you can get this directly from docker hub, any reason this should be included?

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Any luck getting nvidia-docker2 into Solus? Someone posted 1.0.1 instructions here. The nvidia-docker repo is now package-based, and I'm not familiar with packaging for any distro. (I'm new to Solus - downloaded yesterday.)

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@JoshStrobl. Nvidia docker is a plug-in to docker that manages the interaction between container processes and the Nvidia GPU driver. It handles the driver pass through and mounting of GPU devices in containers. Without it there is no clean way of accessing the GPU inside a container.

It is important to have this functionality for machine learning and any HPC workload. I for one need this support before coming back to Solus.

I found this github repo that got Nvidia docker 2 running on solus.

Something this fundamental should probably be packaged up. Id like to take this on but I don't know enough about solus packaging to take it on.

I forgot to leave a comment here that I published that. Hopefully helps someone get started. Someone should definitely do it the right way, though. Making bins in an Ubuntu image felt wrong, but building bmake felt hard.

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  • nvidia-docker
  • nvidia-container-runtime
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