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vpnc can not connect to FritzBox VPN
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vpnc can not connect to FritzBox VPN, as the version is too old (you need the commits 467 and 469 (refer to Ubuntu 17.04 packages the newest trunk release 530 and if I replace the binaries manually, it connects without problems.
So please update the vpnc version.


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@andreasreinhardt is this still relevant for you? Just connected to my Fritz!Box with my patched version.

@der_eismann yes, it is still relevant. Currently, I have just copied the svn version over the packaged binary.

Commit D1582 fixes the issue for me, but that seems to be stuck somehow, not made it into an updated package yet.

DataDrake triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 16 2018, 4:49 PM
DataDrake added a subscriber: DataDrake.

@der_eismann Can I ask you to take another look at your old patch?

Sure! I asked Josh to upload the source as a tarball to the Solus servers because Ikey wasn't so convinced of using SVN, but he had lots to do and I didn't catch him on IRC.

r3r57 added subscribers: der_eismann, r3r57.EditedJun 26 2019, 6:57 AM

I have similar issues like @andreasreinhardt when connecting to my FritzBox: /usr/bin/vpnc: response was invalid [2]: (ISAKMP_N_INVALID_PAYLOAD_TYPE)(1)

To fix the issue, I apply the attached patch (sudo bspatch /usr/bin/vpnc /usr/bin/vpnc-patched vpnc.patch), which changes nat-t-ike-02 to nat-t-ike-03 and fixes some timings [1]. Afterwards vpnc works without problems with my FritzBox VPN.

@der_eismann's D1582 works, too, but was abandoned. So this is more for visibility reasons to quickly patch your vpnc if required.


palto42 added a comment.EditedDec 17 2019, 8:35 PM

Thanks @r3r57 for the patch, can you maybe explain how you created the "master" for the patch? The reference [1] you provided doesn't work anymore.

Hope that Solus team will also patch the version in the repository similar to Ubuntu/Debian distribution.

I "fixed" the issue by copying the vpnc binary from Ubuntu 19.04 package

The patches applied by Ubuntu team are described in (in case anyone interested)

@palto42 unfortunately, [1] just provided the patched binary with the above explanation, which I used to create the patch.

Unfortunately the new built 0.5.3-4 published on 2020-06-15 still doesn't solve the issue. I had to extract the latest vpnc from the Ubuntu 20.04 package to fix the issue (again).