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Update wire-desktop
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JoshStrobl triaged this task as Normal priority.May 6 2017, 1:18 PM
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deletedaccount23052021 raised the priority of this task from Normal to Unbreak Now!.EditedJun 17 2017, 2:49 PM

Wire Desktop isn't working properly on Solus since about a week ago. People can see/hear me, but I often can't receive stream from them. The latest release on GitHub is two sub-versions newer than the version in Solus' repositories. Please update! There's a bit of urgency for me because I use this messenger for work.
Thank you!

ikey lowered the priority of this task from Unbreak Now! to Normal.Jun 18 2017, 12:20 PM
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Please do not assign priority to tasks, this is for the team to do.

Okay, got it.
There is no stable, fully cross-platform alternative to Wire on Solus, that's why I would be really grateful if you updated it.
Thank you for making Solus -- it is beautiful.

Tried building this earlier today but NPM just completely locked up, and Yarn shouldn't be getting used there. This has happened on other NPM builds too
like and I'm suspecting our NodeJS is slightly bricked.

joebonrichie added a subscriber: joebonrichie.

I've been packaging a lot of electron apps lately, so why not another one.

Any news about this? I hope the new version will fix the video issues I am having. Currently video chat connections break up after around a minute.

Just FYI, I started using Google Hangouts after trying out many options. Hangouts work without a problem on Opera and Chrome. On Vivaldi they do work except for the sharing function.