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Ding: German-English dictionary lookup program
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Ding is a Dictionary lookup program for the X window system (Linux, Unix - not for Mac or MS Windows). It comes with a German-English Dictionary with approximately 345,000 entries.

It is based on Tk version >= 8.3 and uses the agrep or egrep tools for searching i.e. it's a Tk based Front-End to [ae]grep, dict, [ai]spell, fortune. It has flow and auxiliary functions. It can be set to automatically look up words that are marked in any application.

It has many configuration options, such as search preferences, interface language (English or German), colors. It has history and help functions and comes with useful key and mouse bindings for quick and easy lookups.

Homepage Ding: A Dictionary Lookup Program

Why Well, it's a really useful & quite comprehensive learning-aid for German-English or vice-versa language students (like me!)

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Depending upon availabilty of original or either alternative software, Ding uses some other programs viz. :

  • agrep - search in files with approximate matching capabilities
  • dict - software to access English dictionaries of the DICT project
  • ispel* - spell-checking program

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