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Macbook Pro Retina 11,5 2015 - Backlight Support
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I am needing backlight support added to the kernel in order to adjust the screen brightness on my MBPR. The apple-gmux.patch is attached. Please consider adding this support as my battery life is terrible with the full brightness setting.

Let me know if you have other questions. Thanks for the help.


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What is the upstream source of the patch?

Also please don't change priorities.

My apologies on the priority change. The patch is based on Bugzilla – Bug 105051 - I believe this is the only way to enable the screen brightness functionality for the MBPr 11,5 - the AMD GPU - Intel Iris model. I have made a few attempts to apply this patch on the Solus kernel, but have not been successful. Anyway, any help on this is greatly appreciated. Also, nice work on the distro.


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