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Budgie Lockscreen Keyboard Input locks users out of profile
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I'm on an old 2012 Samsung NP300E5Z laptop. I installed the newest Solus Budgie only a few days ago. I updated yesterday and tried to recreate this bug multiple times, it happens every single time.

If you set your keyboard input to non-Latin alphabet language (Asian languages, Indian, Russian, Bulgarian, etc.), and then Suspend or Lock the OS, you get locked out.

Keyboard input cannot be changed when trying to enter password, neither with the key combination you have set up, nor with a graphic button on the screen (there isn't one). Password comes back as invalid every time, because it's not written in Roman letters. The only way to get out of this is to turn the computer off completely and lose any unsaved data.

The same thing doesn't happen when you Restart, I assume because you are not yet logged into your profile and it goes to default keyboard input (English). Password is entered successfully, and once logged in, it remembers you'd set the second language input and goes back to it, and if you Suspend or Lock again, you get stuck in the same loop.

This is a serious issue and can affect anyone who does not use a Latin alphabet at all times. Important data could be lost.

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I can attest to this having happened to me when my keyboard was set to Hebrew.

Seeder101 added a subscriber: Seeder101.EditedApr 27 2017, 9:06 PM

same thing with me, I guess this is due to gdm locker it's an upstream bug

@Seeder101 Solus Budgie uses LightDM, not GDM.

@JoshStrobl I personally think that @Seeder101 is partially correct, that this is a (obviously LightDM, not GDM) upstream issue, as this had first happened to me on Ubuntu, rather than on Solus.

@Seeder101 Solus Budgie uses LightDM, not GDM.

oh yea that's right as a display manager
the problem is with the gnome-screensaver not with lightdm actually sorry for that

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It happend to me as well when I was using Ubuntu Budgie and keeping two input languages i.e. en(US) and Nepali.
I was using Nepali before I shut down my laptop. When I tried to open my laptop I was stuck in login screen with Nepali keyboard but my password was in english. I didn't know what to do then so I installed tge while sysytem again from USB. But i still don't know what to do if I get stuck like that.
I have kept login automatically now fearing that issue.

moriel5 added a comment.EditedNov 5 2017, 8:40 AM

Have you tried using the mouse to click on the language to change it?
This works for me (both on lightdm-gtk-greeter and on slick-greeter).

The language abbreviation (in my case ne) was underlined with blue bar when I clicked on it but It didn't change my language input options.

Are you using lightdm-gtk-greeter or slick-greeter?

I don't know but I was using Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 stable then. Eversince then I have set login automatically. I am on Solus now!!

Then I would assume that everything is working now?

Tuke added a subscriber: Tuke.EditedJun 18 2018, 5:59 PM

Happened to me also, but I was using the scandinavian keyboard. I managed to fix it by doing the following....

  • Go to the terminal with Ctrl+alt+F2
  • Log in by using the numlock + alt codes
  • Change the keyboard layout.
  • Get back to Budgie log in screen with Ctrl + Alt + F7
  • Hope that keyboard layout was changed correctly and Log in normally.

And for a record, I also tried to update the system from the terminal with eopkg up command, since that was recommended solution for other people having the similar problems. In my case the system was already up to date.

<speculation, cannot verify, so take it with grain of salt>
The real bug here is that the Budgie log in screen shows the wrong keyboard layout in the upper right corner. For me, it claimed that it was using the correct keyboard, but in fact it seemed that the log in prompt was reading the keyboard with US keyboard layout. Even if the letters were appearing correct on virtual keyboard, the input was still interpreting them as if they were from american keyboard. Furthermore, the alt keys did not even work on Budgie prompt and they did not do anything.

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