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Weird chrome install behaviour
Closed, ResolvedPublic


Trying to update chrome unstable. Getting an error.

Does everything you'd expect from running the command

λ space ~ → sudo eopkg bi --ignore-safety
sudo eopkg it google-chrome-*.eopkg;sudo rm google-chrome-*.eopkg

... but then,

Building source...
Testing package...
DEBUG: return value for "chown root:root opt/google/chrome-unstable/chrome-sandbox" is 0
DEBUG: return value for "chmod 4755 opt/google/chrome-unstable/chrome-sandbox" is 0
There are abandoned files under the install dir (/var/eopkg/google-chrome-unstable-59.0.3071.9-86/install):
    - /usr/share/appdata/google-chrome-unstable.appdata.xml
*** 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
Program terminated.

Tried running

λ space ~ → sudo rm -rf /usr/share/appdata/google-chrome-unstable.appdata.xml
λ space ~ → sudo eopkg dc

and trying again but to no avail.