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Opera H264
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I am happy to see the Opera browser move into the official repos! But atm the H264 support through is missing. I think it's a problem with Opera and their licenses. But can this be fixed while packaging it for Solus ?


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I don't see this being resolved anytime soon. See T1650.

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Outright ridiculous how opera and vivaldi totally neglect support for non-Debian systems. I was able to make it work, but had to extract the libffmpeg off chromium-codecs*.deb ....

Out of curiosity - what way do you have this setup @smalltimer ? Is it something we can provider links for in an ffmpeg-compat package?

Is it something we can provider links for in an ffmpeg-compat package?

IIRC Chromium has its own patched ffmpeg, which is why it can't use ours, and does so against a single file, rather than so files like libavcodec.

Yup. They've got their own ffmpeg implementation. I downloaded the latest .deb off the ubuntu repo and extracted the Then I made a symbolic link to it in /usr/lib/opera/ . I am sure it'll break sooner or later (when the version numbers of opera and chromium misalign again), so definitely not recommended as a long-term strategy.

Is there not a way to do it with a separate opera-codecs package or the like? I am getting the from herecura's repo for Arch and manually putting it in /usr/lib64/opera/ , but it's getting somewhat tedious especially at times like right now when the major Opera version in Solus is different than the Arch one.

This is the AUR package, , could it not be replicated in Solus in some form?

ATM i'm using the system ffmpeg for chromium D985. However, I've been thinking I can maybe use patterns to just create a chromium-ffmpeg package for vivaldi and opera whilst potentially still building chromium against system ffmpeg.

Yeah, that would be great! I think it is much needed for the users of these two browsers...

Starting work on this now - will first try to integrate it into the chromium package, if not possible i'll create a separate chromium-ffmpeg package.

oh hey, it's working

Not to nag, but if it works, is it getting to repos anytime soon?

@satyrmode If you look at the TODO of D985 there is still quite a lot to overall for the chromium package even though this particular issue has been resolved there. That being said i'd like to get chromium and consequentially this resolved for Solus 4.