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This isn't finished. Currently Avogadro doesn't find openbabel. I don't know if this is due to something being misconfigured in this package or openbabel, but I thought I would at least go ahead and put this here.

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Nice! For me last time I checked I could launch and use the program, even play with the molecules and all, but apparently the program should have an option for python scripting, and that part was missing... Some configuration issue, I hadn't time to look at it

Here's what I had so far, in case you want to hava a look at it... The program builds and works, but in the documentation they talk about the option of using a python terminal. Would be nice to have the feedback of someone who knows all the possibilities of this software...

Yeah, that looks much better than mine. Uses pkgconfig for openbabel as well as some more cmake options.

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