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Name: Mednafen


Why should this be included in the repository?: Mednafen is a very popular command-line (yet very easy to use) multi-system emulator. Supported systems are NES, SNES, PS1, several SEGA systems and others. Works much better and has better compatibility with PS1 games than for example "pcsxr" provided already in repositories.

Is it Open Source: Yes - GNU GPLv2

How many users do you anticipate will use this software? Dunno... A lot of?

Link to source tarball/zip file:

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Doesn't Retroarch already cover the territory of a multi-system emulator? I believe it has a command-line interface as well as multiple graphical interfaces too.

@Shadow53 Correct. Retroarch enhances mednafen with additional features such as vulkan rendering, etc and it actually provides a GUI since mednafen itself is purely CLI.

Kinda different things. RetroArch is like whole "console" OS. There is also an OS named "Lakka", which is RetroArch. It tries to do many things, downloads cores of many emulators (including Mednafen, it doesn't include all Mednafen cores though). Not to mention it needs a lot of setting up, unlike Mednafen, which is already set up for the best settings, and you need to configure Controller only, which is done through in-game GUI.
To be honest, I never even used command-line with Mednafen, it does not need extra set up, because it comes with the best settings by default, for 1:1 emulation. And if you need something to change, you can do it through easy to understand config file, provided with documentation on website. All I do for example is right-click .cue file (PS1 game), select "mednafen" and play. No bullshit.

While like I said, RetroArch is like whole console OS with many features and settings, so It's not for people who just want super simple emulator. I would use RetroArch if it was Raspberry Pi or something for living room TV.

This is why also people download things like EPSXE, or PCSX, or Mednafen like me, instead of RetroArch, they just want one simple emulator to play their games. Not a whole blown console OS.

Not to mention It Introduces new glitches. Mednafen was crashing a lot for me in RetroArch, sometimes the game starts, sometimes it crashes instantly, it would start like 1 of 6 times. Creating multiple processes i couldn't even kill. Tried to mess with driver and video settings, nothing worked, got tired of it when I just can play games with 2 clicks in Mednafen.

So yeah, I will stick to Mednafen, the most simple emulator I ever used. I really never used a command line with it, I'm not even a command line person.

Best is just to set up .cue files for example to open as default with Mednafen, double click them and play.

Well, you're referring to the excellent PSX emulator within mednafen which, in my opinion, is not usable without the sophisticated CRT shaders and the actual support for CRT monitors with custom modelines that RA provides. There's also a vulkan renderer capable of rendering games at high resolution with PGXP support that vanilla mednafen lacks so the average user will either want to use epsxe/pcsxr or mednafen core within RA due to those essential features.

I can only agree with you that RA might be too confusing for some people as it is a powerful tool meant for powerusers so it isn't as plug 'n' play as standalone emulators.

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Since this one was closed. New task has link to packaging files as well.

For me, Mednafe is one of the best emulators you can find today. It runs very well on my old windows PC. I play SNES games for almost 4 mounts and I have only good words for the Mednafe Emulator. For anyone who doesn't know too much about emulators like me just downloads Mednafen download the ROMs and start playing that's all, you need to know.

I like Mednafen, but I'm not sure if it's the best gba emulator out there. I read that standalone emulators are better on specific consoles. What are your opinions on this?