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Name: msr-tools
Open Source: yes


MSR Tools project provides utilities to access the processor MSRs and CPU ID directly.

This project is composed of three different user space console applications.

rdmsr – read MSR from any CPU or all CPUs
wrmsr – write values to MSR on any CPU or all CPUs
cpuid – show identification and feature information of any CPU

Who It’s For

This project is for system developers, testers, debuggers, and other contributors creating or customizing any device based on IA processor.

Project Specifics

This is a small open source project distributed under the GPL v2 open source license. With a mature and established codebase containing about 700 lines of code begun in 2000 on, it is now housed on MSR Tools is written only in C.

Not sure how many people would use this/find this useful (other distros like ubuntu in fedora have it in their repos though). In my case I need it to workaround an annoying known issue related to the dell bios/intel pstate driver where my xps 13 can get stuck at minimum cpu frequency after resuming from suspend.

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Let's wait for the next release. They are porting it to autotools and doing some much needed patching.

Azphreal added a subscriber: Azphreal.EditedSep 25 2017, 3:58 AM

Given the frequency of version bumps in their commit history (1.1 in 2001, 1.1.1 in 2003, 1.2 in 2008, 1.3 in 2013), version 1.4 might not be out for another year at least. Would it not be easier to port back the autotools files (given that about only a dozen lines have changed since 1.3 and the current git HEAD, aside from the new files) for a sooner release?

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Marking as DOA since the last release was 4 years ago and last commit was over a year ago.