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Oracle Virtualbox
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danielfgom, Aug 22 2016



This is absolutely essential for anyone wanting to run multiple operating systems. I work in IT and want to use solus as my main OS but as a SysAdmin it is ESSENTIAL that I also am able to run Windows to access and administer systems.


Name: Virtualbox
Is it Open Source: yes
Link to source tarball/zip file:

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I am not sure what the current status of adding this to Software Center is, but you can install VirtualBox by following the instructions on the Solus wiki.

They also list a few other applications on there, like Chrome Beta.

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Source tarball/zip:
Last version is: 5.1.6

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Having this in the repos would be really good, as at least vagrant and minikube (not in repos yet) would have it as a dependency.

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Download virtualbox and Execute code

Mount cd - autofs

sudo eopkg upgrade
sudo eopkg install gcc make autoconf binutils kernel-headers xorg-server-devel

sudo eopkg it -c system.devel
sudo eopkg it kernel-headers
sudo sh ~/Downloads/
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Is this going to be added to the repos?

The virtualbox package is available on unstable. Feedback are welcome, especially the impact on the boot time (can be checked with systemd-analyze blame)
If you want to have access to the usb peripherals from the guest, you must add your user to the group vboxusers.

So I just tried, but unfortunately can't make it work because there's no /sbin/vboxconfig which VirtualBox tells me I need to run to compile a module.

If you are on the -current kernel (uname -a) then you should install virtualbox-current

virtualbox is the modules for the -lts kernel

@sixtyfive /sbin/vboxconfig isn't required.
If you manually installed virtualbox earlier (not from the solus repository), please make sure to uninstall it. There is an uninstall script in /opt/VirtualBox
Then, please make sure to install the virtualbox package that corresponds to the kernel you use : virtualbox for the lts kernel or virtualbox-current for the current kernel.
I am not sure if the service automatically start once it is installed, you can check with systemctl status vboxdrv.service. If not you can manually start it. After a reboot it will be started anyway.