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Pulseaudio with JACK module
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To be able to use PulseAudio with JACK the appropriate modules would have to be included. Other distributions (for example Fedora) use separate packages for the modules (pulseaudio-module-jack).
Would this be possible to include with PulseAudio or should i make a package request for a separate package?

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DataDrake changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Mar 16 2018, 8:48 PM
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Steps to finish this:

  • Fix rtprio permissions via in systemd-user
  • Rebuild Pulseaudio against Jackd
    • Split jackd plugin for pulseaudio into pulseaudio-jackd
    • Modularize the Pulseaudio config and add a config for a jackd source and sink
  • Go back and make pulseaudio-jackd a rundep of anything that uses jackd

Resolved now that jack is fixed