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Update Scala to 2.12.1
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The latest version of Scala is 2.12.1 and we currently have 2.11.8.

Build requirements have changed from apache-ant to sbt, though in attempting to update the package.yml file for that I found that sbt does not like running under fakeroot. It attempts to access some files under /root/.sbt/ before running, which causes it to crash with an IOException. Running ypkg as root succeeds, which seems to confirm that it is a file permissions issue.

I'm not sure where to go from here, so I leave the above note to whoever tries to update the package.

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Shadow53 created this task.Mar 31 2017, 2:41 AM

Working my way through this. It seems to have been an issue with some of the temp directories. I'm not really surprised since this is the first time either sbt and scala have been updated since we moves to solbuild.

DataDrake claimed this task.May 7 2017, 9:47 PM