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Name openresolv


Why should this be included in the repository?

Allows multiple programs to modify resolv.conf. This would allow the OpenVPN client to update resolv.conf with the push dhcp-options received from an OpenVPN server. As described here and with use of this script -

Is it Open Source? Yes

Link to source tarball/zip file

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siru added a subscriber: siru.Mar 28 2017, 8:06 PM

I'd be happy to test this.

I was able to download the linked files here, build and install them using

sudo make install

once I did that and added the appropriate lines in my openvpn config things worked like a charm. is considered a more appropriate fix by the maintainer of the above package. I was also getting an Ubuntu-style DNS leak using NetworkManager+OpenVPN. update-systemd-resolved seems to have... resolved the issue.

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I have a patch for this one, should I make a package request ?