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Unable to type password to unlock
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Not sure if this is a good place to post this but..

After a running system has been locked again it's not possible to type the password into the dialog appearing.
There is no flashing text cursor in the dialog and it's not possible to select the field with a mouse cursor either.
Have seen this behavior happening once on two computers.
Both of the systems have automatic login enabled.

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It seems the users have very likely triggered some keyboard shortcut to put the system in this state.
It seems like something that probably shouldn't happen anyway, assuming there is no obvious way to resolve it.
Any guesses about which shortcuts could have been mashed on the keyboard?

I had this occur in the last day or two.
The notebook went into normal lock based on default times, when I came back I could not enter the password.
I was creating a Virtualbox VM at the time, this then needed to be hard shutdown, as there is no option to power off at the login prompt.

I may recommend regardless having a power off option at the login.

I encountered this bug 2 times ( on different laptops ) . I had to hardreset it !
@Timalex i don't think it is shortcut related . I guess it happens after you leave it alone for 30+ minutes . I can't reproduce it .

This issue is becoming a serious problem. We cannot keep hard shutting down, something will break and data will be lost. There needs to be shutdown and/or restart on the unlock login screen. This happens often to me where it either is due to extended lock screen state or apps running when the screen locks. I see this a lot when I have VirtualBox running a virtual os. Which further impacts that virtual machine with the hard shutdown. For me, this is grounds to move onto another Linux distribution.

This is becoming quite cumbersome and irritating at the same time. Is anyone from the Solus team looking at this issue?

The only way I have found to unlock the session when a VirtualBox VM is running, is to go to a different tty (ctrl + alt + F1). Then type in sudo loginctl unlock-sessions.

I gathered these steps from here as Ubuntu Unity also uses lightdm,

FWIW I agree that this probably wasn't caused by keyboard mashing and haven't encountered it anymore.

Did encounter this recently again on a laptop when attempting to log in after automatic log out.

i have a similar problem. after my laptop goes to sleep and wakes the keyboard is inactive. i do not have a screen lock so i am still able to use the laptop but without the keyboard.

edit: this happens often and it happens without a VM running.

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This is fixed in unstable with the new gnome-screensaver changes

This is happening to me, I am new to the solus OS, coming from debian. This has happened twice to me after intentionally hibernating or after it slips into hibernation. I am running on a Lenovo Thinkpad 13. On debian I never had the issue. Wonder if it is hardware specific.

*Edit: the issue was solved after gnome updates*

The error occurs when I suspend my laptop by closing the lid and/ or locking the screen on my Gnome flavor of solus.
It keeps submitting the password in an infinite loop as if I am pressing enter.

Currently installation of solus is on a Lenovo Thinkpad E570.

I am going to reinstall the Gnome lock screen GDM and come back if any updates occurs.