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openfortivpn - An open source client for Fortinet PPP+SSL VPN tunnel services
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Why should this be included in the repository:
It allows users to connect to Fortinet VPN networks. The commercial alternative is not available on a public website and the link Arch (AUR) uses was declined as a package request (T1740: FortiClient SSL-VPN).

Is it Open Source:
Yes (GPLv3)

How many users do you anticipate will use this software?
Anyone who wants to connect to a Fortinet VPN network. Fortinet is a huge company so I expect this to be pretty common.

Link to source tarball/zip file:

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Re-opening after a discussion on IRC. We will amend the 2-Distro rule to include Fedora to help with this in the future.

openfortivpn is packaged for Fedora, Gentoo and NixOS under the package name openfortivpn.


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Not sure if it should be added here or as it's own request, but also package the NetworkManager applet to control the openfortisslvpn if Solus decides to include openfortisslvpn.

Note: openfortisslvpn compiles and works just fine under Solus.

@nevertheless, i'll give a go to try and package this as well. I've updated the package for openfortivpn which you can find here:

The process and timeline when a package will be included is unclear to me. This one has been marked to being as being added almost 4 months ago and only recently revoked due to package changes. We'll see when the dust settles in packaging land and the team can work on the backlog.

@nevertheless, I have a working eopkg for this network manager applet. It's quite a nice frontend for the tool. However Solus packaging policies prevent me from uploading this package as a patch right now.

Please refrain from submitting a patch for a package that is yet to be accepted for inclusion by a member of the Triage Team. We welcome you to politely reach out via the package request task or IRC if you deem the review of the request to be time-sensitive in nature.

Please make a package request, chase some of these package maintainers to get it accepted and I'll be happy filling the request :)

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