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Update to 2.1.2

Patch to upgrade openjpeg, which is needed for freeimage package. I have checked and blender that has dependency for openjepg shall work with this version. But needs to be rebuild.

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We already provide openjpeg, as openjpeg 1.5.x. Assuming Blender builds against 2, this should be an update to our existing openjpeg instead.

JoshStrobl edited parent tasks, added: T2545: Thrive; removed: T2744: freeimage.Mar 9 2017, 11:52 PM
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@JoshStrobl do the triage team catch this change or shall I change any status for it now that I have fixed the request?


@curantes Triage team handles those changes. Thanks for the updated patch, not seeing anything that stands out, but I'll go ahead and do an ABI report against the current version just to verify ABI changes :)

Any updates on this one?

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It's a complete ABI break from .5 to .7. It's ok I'll merge it now and get revdeps fixed, thanks! :)
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