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Update to 2.7.5

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curantes created this task.Feb 23 2017, 5:11 PM
JoshStrobl triaged this task as Low priority.Feb 23 2017, 5:31 PM
JoshStrobl moved this task from Backlog to Ready For Merge on the Patch Submission board.
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As much as I appreciate these patches, just because something lands in the Distrowatch RSS feed (that does appear to be where you're getting most of the release news from) doesn't necessitate it being updated in Solus.

Patch itself looks fine though.

I know that you are a small team to go through all these patch requests and its hard to keep everything rolling. I thought I was helping with these patch requests, but after reading your comment I feel that I might just step down and just be an normal user and use my spare time to something else that feels more meaningfull.

I know that you are a small team to go through all these patch requests and its hard to keep everything rolling.

It's not really that, right now the process is just a bit of a PITA for us to land patches, so it's a bit time consuming and thus the value added for landing a patch for nano, as an example, is hard to see. It's why we're going to be focusing on improving the process via T2616, so it's easier for yourself and others to provide patches and easier for us to accept and land them.

fair enough, I think it was your condescending comment that got me triggered. Would have been better just to mention that it would be better to slow of the patch sending until you have fixed T2616 to make it easier for you approving and us to contribute. I would not even mind if it was put low priority as you did. I think it was your comment that made me feel that I was wasting my time. Which is bad since up until now I have learned a lot of your packaging guidelines and have found it fun to contribute with what I can assist with. Because I really like this project and what its headed.

As said I still want to contribute, maybe better to focus on the packages that are accepted for inclusion? Or where is my time most needed?

skmlcd added a subscriber: skmlcd.Feb 23 2017, 6:55 PM

I think it was your comment that made me feel that I was wasting my time.

Apologies, wasn't meant to come off condescending, it was more to make the point that just because there is an update for something, doesn't mean it needs to land immediately. Updates that have ABI changes or in the case of items like Mutter, where there might be a broader repercussion to updating (like potentially affecting Budgie, so that is something we need to evaluate), are generally lower priority for landing, because we prioritize stability over getting the "latest and greatest" of a package.

What we're really in short supply of is people tackling all the package requests that are accepted for inclusion. You and @feskyde have landed quite a few and that's been a big help, and we're hoping after T2616 that the overall process will be improved and we can get our open tasks down. @DataDrake and I are working on doing more frequent "build fests" where we're focused on landing patches and packages, and with his recent success with OpenJFX, it means there are a bunch of things unblocked that are ready to be packaged up.

@curantes I'd also like to express my thanks for what you and others have been doing lately. It is appreciated, and I know we're all getting a bit tense with the current bottlenecks.
If we can all hold out just a few more days and we transition all the infra, it'll be golden. I wanted to get it done sooner, but apparently Murphy's Law still exists in Solus, and it gave
me a touch of the flu or whatever it was.

I'll be relinquishing most of my dictatorishness and we can move towards a more community built Solus, which is obviously the path we're already on. You are appreciated and obviously
we want you to be a part of the Solus story :) Just hold on that bit longer, we're nearly there.

@ikey and @JoshStrobl Thank you for both of your response. This is what I like with this project, the open discussions that are constructive. I also thank you for your acknowledgement of what me and the others have contributed to the project. It means a lot. For now I will focus on some of the packages requests that have been accepted for inclusion.

And of course I want to be part of the awesome Solus story :)