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Introduce solhub for build management & repo browsing
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High Level Requirements

  • Provide a mechanism for users to browse the repositories, in detail, online
  • Implement this as a webservice (gorilla/golang based)
  • Replace

Build Hub Limitations

Currently our "build hub" (build page) is a static page that is generated any time a build job is registered or altered.
While this is lightweight, it is also seriously limited, and does not permit viewing real-time logs, pagination, etc.

On a less aesthetical note, managing users who are allowed to build (make publish) is non trivial. Currently this is
implemented using a simple SQLite database, which is driven by public-key authentication using ssh.

Possible Approaches

  • Manage ssh keys dynamically through web UI (meh)
  • Switch to a RESTful API and utilize tokens (OAuth?)

Either way, we need to easily manage who is allowed to publish packages, so that we can create maintainer roles
within the community.

Event Timeline

Yeah I think so. The main challenge for us right now is effectively scaling to meet the community. We have a bit of work to do on that front.. ^^

Yea this solhub thing sounds pretty cool. Arch is probably the best at involving the community.

Provide a mechanism for users to browse the repositories, in detail, online

Don't really see that as necessary if we're shifting to Phabricator Diffusion for repos, to be honest.

@JoshStrobl just to clarify, are we both talking about binary repos?

@ikey Ah no, I was talking about git repos.


I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for. But an alternative would be to use and just focus on adding solus support to it. It has some nice review features. can check it out in action at I know its not lightweight and might not follow solus-project vision.

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I'll figure out what to do with this.

Closing in favor of Serpent OS' summit.