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i7559 Random freezing
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Solus was working well on my Dell i7559 for a few weeks since installing it, but now has intermittent freezing issues. It will completely freeze. Only solution is to hold down the power button to restart. I have restarted it quite a few times now and it seems to work okay sometimes and other times right after entering my password gets stuck with just the background image and cursor with nothing else showing on the screen, again requiring me to hold down the power button to turn off. I've really enjoyed using the OS and greatly appreciate all the hard work that has gone into making it... I know enough to duel boot and install Solus, but not enough to do what fossfreedom suggests if that will fix it. I'm happy to provide any info from my computer to help resolve the issue. Thank you in advance for any help.

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It happened to me at least 10 times in last two months.

Attaching my pc information.

Screenshot from 2017-02-13 14-03-35.png (768×1 px, 828 KB)

I reinstalled everything and everything seems to be okay again. So I think it might have just been an application giving me problems, I'm slowly reinstalling them to see if any one application in particular starts giving me issues.

I did notice before it started freezing up on me that when I would hit the menu bottom in the top left corner it would almost look like it would come up disappear and then come back on again look like a quick flicker, is yours doing that at all?

It started freezing again, yeah maybe the hardware I've been trying a bunch of other distros and they all seem to be having trouble or will not even boot in from a fresh install. besides that Solus ran flawlessly on my laptop, I thought it was amazing, anyway so far the only other distro that I've even got installed and working is Zorin. It has some bugs, but for the most part works.

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here is my system information if that helps.

I did notice before it started freezing up on me that when I would hit the menu bottom in the top left corner it would almost look like it would come up disappear and then come back on again look like a quick flicker, is yours doing that at all?

Yeah sometimes.

Ok sadatdaniel . I have the same laptop Dell Inspirion 7559.

  1. I can't get any ubuntu based distro to boot except KDE Neon . But it also fails to reboot into it.
  2. On solus if you type the password on login before the wifi is connected you should be able to boot into the OS. After that you should hit suspend and after you "un-suspend" everything should work fine.

Also try acpi=off on grub if that does not work.

Zno_oze, That's good to know that KDE Neon will work, I have had the same issue with trying many different distros and the only ones that I could even get installed and booted into so far are Solus, and Zorin. I really think it has something to do with the discrete Nvidia card and the switching between that and the on chip graphics, but don't know for sure, just a guess.

I have the same issue. And it only occurs when I work on the battery power

Folks, make sure that you have the nvidia-glx-driver installed, if you have nvidia graphics. Without that driver, you will freeze often & always.


I fixed all the random freezing by adding:

acpi_osi="!Windows 2015"

to the boot command line. In addition I also make sure that power saving is turned off for the audio. This fixed all my issues.

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Does this issue persist on a fully upgraded Solus 3?

Hi Josh, I have not had any issues with it freezing for quite some time, I had to originally add on "nomodeset" during the initial Boot to get it to even load the operating system, and once I had got it installed did as GreenMartian Suggested and installed the nvidia-glx-driver I think that pretty much took care of it. Up until recent it would do some screen flicker thing when plugging in or unplugging HDMI, and freeze up when switching on and off plug power, but as of recently I don't know what you guys did, but it's been working pretty smooth. there are still a couple small bugs, but nothing that keeps it from being workable. Thank you for all the work you guys are doing to make this such a great OS

I think it's been a while last time I had this issue. I'm trying to understand what has changed ??

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The real question is what hasn't changed? Almost the entire repo has been rebuilt or updated at this point :D Marking as resolved.

I'm seeing something like that from time to time on both nouveau and Nvidia drivers although it doesn't seem to be related to graphics.

Desktop icons doesn't appear, I can move cursor and click activators on the panel (there is an animation suggesting program is starting but nothing happens), right click doesn't open menu.
I can switch to TTY1, enter username and password but then it hangs completely.

Solus is configured to use 1 partition for everything + separate swap partition shared with Ubuntu.

What's interesting there is no journalctl data for the boot in which hang occurred (previous successful boots are logged).

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