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Steam needs some extra fonts
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These fonts *are* proprietary I believe, so I suggest they are done through the third-party system.

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Does the Steam client not handle the distribution of these?
I've had no issues with Steam fonts.

No. It isn't that obvious, but some in-game popups get cut off pretumaturely because of the font. When you install the fonts, you see the difference.

I think I may have run into the same issue. @DynamicVoid, what exactly do you mean by "cut off prematurely"?

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Ah, thanks. I don't think I ran into that issue myself (but then maybe I didn't pay attention to that particular popup; I'm not a Steam power user).

Huh, I just figured that was what it was meant to say >_>
Are there libre alternatives that "just work" ?

I believe that if you create a fake font called "Arial" with the correct width, then it should work. It's mostly the width that seems to be the issue. See

So couldn't we just add that file in with the Steam package into /usr/share/fonts/conf.d ?

Well, the thing is, the font that replaces it needs to not only be similar to Arial, be almost completely identical to Arial. If you can find a font that provides that, that could be a solution.

After some looking, I propose "Carlito" as a replacement font. I don't know how to make "Arial" reference it however.

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Liberation Sans, Chrome OS Core Fonts (Croscore), and FreeSans are metric compatible. @DynamicVoid Carlito (from Croscore) is a replacement for Calibri, which is Microsoft's replacement for Arial.

edit: I would prefer steam to not depend on any font

Here's the same image just with Arial:

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Bump, as we have a couple of possible fonts. Liberation Sans or FreeSans are probably the best options. Here's an AUR package that esentially does the exact same thing we're trying to do:

I would do it, but my bash scripting level is -1. So is my eopkg knowledge level.

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@livingsilver94 Removed comment. Please keep your language appropriate.

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I don't see where the problem is since the whole Phabricator needs this kind of moderation but anyway, sorry for that.

I'll repost:
Bump for this. Even Team Fortress 2 text is jagged and bigger than normal.

Edit: ah damn sorry. I used "out" instead of "up". Didn't know "out" was much worse and different. Sorry again.

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AFAIK this is no longer an issue.