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Visual Studio Code OSS icon missing in most icon packs
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vscode-oss.desktop defines the icon for VS Code to be "code-oss", which does not seem to be included in the majority of icon packs. Instead, most icon packs only include a "visual-stuido-code" icon.

Whilst having a different icon for different versions of VS Code may be desirable, the missing icon can cause an inconsistent look when using an icon pack which does not have a specific icon for the OSS version of VS Code (I'm not sure that the default theme in Solus even includes one?).

As I understand it, both the MS and OSS versions of VS Code used to be packaged for Solus, however it seems that the MS version has been removed and the OSS version is the only version available. As such, one possible solution may be to simply change the Icon for the OSS version to "visual-studio-code" icon which is much more common.

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Icon still missing here on fresh install, and that link is 404-ing on me.

JoshStrobl added a comment.EditedFeb 16 2018, 7:48 AM

Icon still missing here on fresh install, and that link is 404-ing on me.

Because the link dates back to our old infrastructure. It was resolved via a pixmap (for KDE users) via R3148:e7d28522dc4ffdfb22d50a9364a39fb556791104 and it's supported in basically every other updated icon pack (papirus and moka, off the top of my head).

So yes, it's most certainly fixed. Wait until our next sync to stable.