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Steam Logo Missing
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Hey, there.

So, after the most recent update (as of 1/31/17), the Steam logo is missing in the top icon tray. I'm pretty sure it wasn't that way before the update, as I seem to recall the steam launcher being updated in the last system update.

Running Solus version 2017.01.01.0.

Just wanted to report, thanks.

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SolarLune added a project: Software.

Confirmed. This appears to be an issue related to our runtime. Switching to the Steam runtime allows the icon to be displayed.

Ok, so from what I'm seeing, librsvg-32bit is missing from the runtime (And allows Faba-Mono-Dark to work correctly), but the only icon theme I have installed where the icon doesn't work is Faba-Mono

Ah, whoops, didn't think to look at the theme I was using.

I'm using Arc as the widget theme and Sardi Arc as the icon theme.

@SolarLune Can you confirm as to whether or not this resolved the issue?

I'm not @SolarLune, but I can confirm installing librsvg-32bit fix the issue on my laptop.

Yo, sorry for the late reply. Yeah, that fixed it. Thanks!

SolarLune closed this task as Resolved.Feb 24 2017, 5:03 AM