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Some context menu entries disappeared after today's updates
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This morning I turned on my PC, installed all the available updates from the Software Center, and rebooted just in case. After the reboot I noticed that some context menu entries were gone, specifically those related to archives ("add file/folder to archive" when right clicking a file/folder, "extract here" when right clicking on an archive). How do I add them back?

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Just wanted to put in that I am experiencing this issue as well.

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I'm only guessing. Could it be that this functionality in GNOME 3.20 applications was provided by file-roller. And in 3.22 nautilus got its own solution.

Right now we have:

  • file-roller 3.22
  • nautilus 3.20

So basically I assume that they removed file-roller menu context functionality in 3.22, but we don't have it in nautilus, because it is still version 3.20 (because of other problems).

So we probably just need to wait for Solus team to update nautilus.

We updated Nautilus but it was completely bricked with desktop icons. We'll get it fixed and restored shortly

@ikey @DataDrake Today's Nautilus update fixed the problem. I guess you can close this task.

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Ah couldn't find this issue. Was searching title for "nautilus". Ty :D

Yup this update works. I do have a question if someone could answer it. I work a lot with sql.gz files of database backups. I normally just right click and select extract here. This would produce the .sql file. Now it create a folder with the same name as the archive and inside there is a data file.

Is this something that is fixable? or do I need to install something?