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Name: Rainlendar
Description: Calendar software. Why should it be included (differentiator): the calendar is just really handy (everything is displayed like a "widget" that is just right there in your desktop), has lots of theming options that make us able to make it look like just like we want and it has almost 50 translations .
Link to source tarball:
Is not open source.

(ps: Just a suggestion for the pre-installed calendar in solus: it would be better if events were marked with color or in some other way in the raven calendar widget.)


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user2901 updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 15 2017, 6:37 PM
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You linked a 32-bit package, I think this is the right link:

I linked the 32-bit package because not every computer is 64-bit.

That doesn't apply given Solus is 64-bit only, so computers that aren't 64-bit aren't going to run Solus in the first place.

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Hasn't seen an update since 2015, clearly not maintained.