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No window borders when using Live USB + nomodeset
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(Note : I am forced to use nomodeset due to the fact I own a GTX 970 and it's the only way to succesfully boot with the Live USB)

Hello! I am having a bug with the Live USB when using nomodeset. There are no window borders shown, and the background doesn't seem to work - likewise, the Shutdown menu and applications menu make all other windows disappear. Weirdly enough, this only seems to affect normal window borders, complex ones like in gedit and Nautilus are still shown, while the Install OS and terminal applications don't have any.

Attached are the logs from journalctl (do note there may be additional lines due to the fact i had to open some apps to be able to find where to dump its output)

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utybo created this task.Jan 11 2017, 8:40 PM