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Keepass MIME Type
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Upon installation, Keepass is not registering its MIME type / file type with the OS.

It is not possible to click on a Keepass database, in order to launch Keepass. And, when the database file type is clicked on and not recognized, Keepass is not presented in the list of potential applications, which can be used to open the file.

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RenHoek created this task.Jan 11 2017, 8:03 PM

I just checked this and I clicked on "Browse all applications" at the bottom of the pop-up that says that "there are no such applications" and then selected KeePassX. After this, double clicking on a database in Nautilus opens KeePassX.

FWIW, I just get it to run from login and open databases via file>recent databases.

Sorry, I'm not complaining about KeepasssX. Keepass (AKA Keepass 2) is the one that I'm concerned about.

I did a laptop install last week and a desktop install a couple of days ago. In both cases, if I right click on a Keepass database, Keepass is not among the available options on the program list.