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I tried to package the fsharp compiler correctly :

  • Compilation of a really basic .fs file works with fsharpc, however I'm getting errors related to missing DLLs when trying to build larger projects.
  • The fsharpi interactive mode can be launched but spits out an error about failing to install ctrl-c handler.
  • Finally I had to enable networking in solbuild to get this working, as the build script fetches everything through NuGet.

This is still a work in progress, and clearly needs more work before being made available.
I'm just submitting this to propose a working base for further improvements.

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The patch itself looks fine, just wondering if we should delay inclusion until the issues you raised are resolved.

Unfortunately I'm just getting started with F# myself so I can't really judge of the state of this, can't tell if it's really usable apart from simple programs.

A more knowledgeable F# user could probably help.

xso added a subscriber: xso.Feb 21 2017, 8:57 PM

Is there any possibility to get a package for FSharp in Solus? Mono and VSCode are available already :). Thanks a lot!

Someone just needs to package it correctly, and I'm not competent enough to do this :)

F# relies on the CLR runtime, which is the same one that C# relies on which is why you are getting those errors.

Dot net core stack has to be packaged first. which is related to this