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Solus Mate is missing Touchpad options in the Mouse settings
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In Linux Mint, when I open Mouse settings, there is also a Touchpad settings tab with "disable touchpad while typing" and "enable mouse clicks with touchpad" and the five scrolling option tick boxes including natural scrolling. In Solus Mate I can't click with the touchpad. I have to press the left button under my touchpad which can be a loud clicking noise on older laptops. Hope you can fix this soon. Thanks!

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Solution for all those coming here:

xorg-driver-input-libinput was incorrectly included in the Solus MATE ISO and should not have been.
The temporary fix is to remove the package.

We're looking for a more fluid way to resolve this

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Worked like a charm. But I lost natural scrolling with touchpad.

Edit: solved with latest update. Thanks guy !

To quickly fix this issue, you just have to remove the "xorg-driver-input-libinput" package, which also removes "solus-hardware-config" and then log out and log in again, and touchpad clicks should work and the touchpad tab should be visible in Mouse settings. There is no need to restart! Hope this helps :)

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@solus-mate-user Any news on this? The fix seems to be working for others.

Hi @DataDrake, solus-mate-user was the user I made to report bugs but I lost access to it because I could not verify it using the disposable email I used. I managed to verify this user name, so if posssible can you change solus-mate-user to mate-user for the creator of this task and if not, it's not a big deal.
And I'm not sure if you'd mark this as fixed since it still requires some user intervention. Will it be fixed automatically in a future update or iso snapshot?

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Sorry can't rename existing accounts. This is solved by the MATE 1.18 update which adds libinput support, so now the driver works again

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I installed Solus Mate 2017.04.18.0 on a Toshiba laptop, and after installing all updates and restarting I see "xorg-driver-input-libinput" is installed and Touchpad options are missing in Mouse settings. Hope this will be fixed for the next Solus Mate iso.

Edit 1: Sorry my mistake, "xorg-driver-input-libinput" is not installed, but I also don't see Touchpad options!

Edit 2: I restarted and everything is fine now. Maybe scrolling stopped working because the laptop froze or died and I had to force it off and restart it earlier.