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Wine-staging v2.0-rc3
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Wine staging has AES support in bcrypt. which allows Doom 2016 to work under Linux Doom WInehq

The latest tarball is released here

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ukbeast renamed this task from Wine-staging to Wine-staging v2.0-rc3.Jan 1 2017, 2:46 PM
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Right and wine staging is unstable. I've put this up to discussion before and nobody can decide if they want wine or wine unstable.
We're not having both so people need to get their heads together and decide the best one to have

@ikey Personally, I'm fine with vanilla dev wine atm. However, when gallium-nine patches hit staging I'd love to have it in solus as I intend to bulld an AMD based rig later this year.

underskore added a subscriber: underskore.EditedJan 6 2017, 7:31 PM

Staging! Staging! Staging!

(though you can use PlayOnLinux if you really want staging, can't you?)

My vote goes to Staging. More bugs are fixed with Staging, and it has additional features and performance improvements.

Under what specific scenarios has Staging been an issue with Solus?

In addition to here, I also made a forum post and reddit thread for more discussion.

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My vote goes to Staging as well. Unstable is a non-issue as the non-staging version of Wine isn't exactly stable either. In fact, Wine Staging actually incorporates more bug fixes and I have found it to be more stable on Arch Linux (and my dad finds it more stable on Antergos as well - both different hardware).

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@tenten8401 We aren't switching to staging. Did it once and ended up back on stable again because it caused too many problems. Please don't necro old tasks.

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