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Canon PIXMA MG2950 Printer Driver
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My Canon Printer isn't working... and the only drivers i see on the cannon website are Debian, RPM and Source files.

Can someone help me package the files so i can install the printer for my family member as she needs to print out some work urgently.

Canon PIXMA MG2950
Linux Drivers

Will need both the printer drivers and Scanner Drivers aswell

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fluffymadness added a subscriber: fluffymadness.EditedJan 3 2017, 4:48 PM

I have a canon mg6450 and I got it working via lan and postscript.
If you use the printer on your lan, maybe that works for you too.
For usb I have no idea atm, since it is not connected to my computer directly

Open Printsettings, click add
->Select Device->Network Printer

Enter the ip for the printer, and click find.
On the left menu, the ip should show multiple times.
Select the entry that says Queue:ps on the right side.

Hopefully that does the trick for you.

frendznet updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 3 2017, 10:19 PM
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Will try out your method and see. Does your Scanner work as well?

fluffymadness added a comment.EditedJan 4 2017, 9:52 AM

It does, but I'm not sure if I manually installed the official driver via copy and pasting the files in the right directory. I didn't manage to get the official printer driver working, but for the scanner I didn't really know if its due the official driver that it was discovered, or by the pre-installed ones.
I installed simple scan and when I click preferences I could select it under the scanning sources
At least the archwiki tells me that most of the scanners should work out of the box
scanimage -L should list the scanner sources in the terminal. If your device appears with this command you should be able to select it in sane too.

Still nothing??

@frendznet I'll get it done when I have time. Please understand that this isn't a reflection of our ability, just how incredibly awful these drivers are to package. Please stop bumping tasks.

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