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Add Hot-Corner Support for Budgie
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What about adding hot-corner support to budgie

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ikey closed this task as Invalid.Aug 13 2016, 1:33 AM
ikey added a subscriber: ikey.

This is already requested on the Budgie bug tracker.
Also please note the text on the front page of this bug tracker that explicitly requests you use our GitHub page
for Budgie issues :)

(Closing due to this and the fact its a duplicate)

ok @ikey thanks for the info and great work on the os

Hi @ikey could I have a link to the feature request please ? I would like to subscribe but can't seem to find it on the budgie github.

skmlcd added a subscriber: skmlcd.Jan 15 2017, 11:49 AM

@smalltimer I think this is the issue you want.

@skmlcd Thanks! I had looked at it, but it seemed more about edges than corners. I'm coming to Budgie from Pantheon, so my workflow rotates around the hot corners.

To be honest, I was trying to Pantheon-ify Budgie (removed all pinned icons, installed plank etc.) which I think is a bad idea. Their philosophies towards workflow are quite different. I realised if I stick the icons on the taskbar, I don't need the plank, or the hot corners.

That said, I still think getting to see an overview of all the windows in the desktop by simply visiting the corner is more efficient because it allows the user to follow the progress of a process such as file copying or a progress-bar running without actually visiting its window (even more so if you want to follow more than one processes). All this is true especially from the point of view of a scientist who analyses a lot of experimental data.

Do you know of any forums where the Solus developers participate in these sort of discussions ? I've really take a shine to it as it is very fast and optimised for the desktop. I'd like to contribute with ideas and perhaps even packaging of some scientific software if I can find the right instructions on how-to.

skmlcd added a comment.EditedJan 15 2017, 2:25 PM

Packaging instructions and other common instructions can be found here on wiki.

Best place to get in touch with developers is via IRC.

A good place to get support is probably forums. Or if it is very basic question then Google+ and IRC.

For contact with users Google+ is not a bad place to lurk.

Well for expression your ideas I can only guess, since I'm just a user not a developer. My best guess would be that if your idea is very specific and detailed, it is best to be posted on Github (if Budgie or other specific tool) or on here. But in most cases a very basic ideas (suggestions) most of the time pollute issue trackers. If you have general ideas that needs to be discussed further maybe it is better to post on forums and after is discussed submit an issue for keeping track.