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Pyload -Open Source Downloader-
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Would it be possible to add pyload to the official solus repositories?
It is an open source downloader for one-click hosters, similar to JDownloader but written in python with a client,server architecture.
Theres also a ui part included called pyloadgui.

Here's the repository:

and here the website:

Thank you.

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What can this do that uget can't?

Pyload is manly for one-click hoster (share-online, uploaded, etc...)
It has support for RSDF/CCF/DLC containers, automatic captcha recognition etc.
and ClickNLoad support. Basically everything that jdownloader does.

Here's the list of the supported one-click hosters in pyload.

I didn't know uget, but I'm looking at it now, and it just seems like a simple download manager, without container support etc, at least I didn't find anything via google about it.

Would be awesome if it would make it to the repos somehow :)

This needs a webserver running to be used though.

Thats right, but the app should bring its own.
In terms of security it also shouldn't be a problem, because the default access can be restricted to localhost only.
I don't know how the included qt ui looks, but worst case pyload can be used as a chrome app (add to desktop functionality) and pinned to the taskbar.
Besides jdownloader which already was turned down in the repos, because there was no proper source, this is the only viable app that I've found with the same kind of functionality.

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Didn't notice before, but they haven't had a tagged release since 2011. Until their is a tagged release, this definitely isn't getting included.