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Name: Mattermost
Open source: Yes

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JoshStrobl triaged this task as Low priority.Dec 13 2016, 5:44 PM
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Why are you triaging this issue? You are not part of the triage team and it's been accepted for inclusion.

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DataDrake closed this task as Invalid.Dec 30 2017, 4:22 AM
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  • Mail servers such as Postfix, Dovecot, etc, are NOT eligible for inclusion. Solus does not provide a server operating system.
  • Web servers and database daemons ARE eligible for inclusion, as they facilitate web developers to work locally.
  • Anything outside of these may be catered to by the usage of Docker, or other container technology. Thus, container technology must be supported by Solus to support access to ancillary cases.

While this task pre-dates the current inclusion policy, I am closing it on the basis that it is intended to be run as a server on the target operating system and Solus is not a server distribution. Further, it is highly unlikely that someone would use mattermost as a local testing server for web development, per the second clause. Lastly, mattermost is available through docker.