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Xtreme Download Manager
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Can U plz add this to your repository :D its a download manager that works like IDM of windows :D there is uget in the repo but uget doesn't work with all browsers and also have to copy link address every time and copy paste in uget to get the download started but whereas Xtreme Download Manager automatically transfers the download :D

It is open source.

Download link :

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File a package request in accordance with

Where did I do wrong O.o

Actually I'm not sure what you did incorrectly. I suppose a more organized format would have been better though such as:

Name: Xtreme Download Manager
Open Source: Yes
Link to Source Tarball:
Note: Version above is latest 6.0 Release
Why Should It Be Included: Even though uget is in the repositories, XDM works with all browers (unlike uget) and is notably faster than other download managers (claims to be 5x faster!).

Copy and paste the above into a new task and see if it gets accepted!

Why isn't it accepted till now??

This project doesn't have any versioned tarballs, build system or documentation, version tags, just horrific project management in general. It only has versioned binaries which seem to be built from private repositories. This is probably impossible to include in Solus.