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docker man pages
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I would find it helpful if Solus included the man pages for the docker tools when the package was installed.

The process is predefined by docker using md2man and could be easily automated.

Whilst I recognise end users can rebuild the man pages manually every time they install or upgrade docker, it would be very nice if the man pages were automatically maintained when upgrading.

Thanks for considering the task and your work thus far!

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@chrisweeksnz please don't change priority. That's for us on the Triage team to do.

Apologies, I was trying to not be pushy :)

Amazingly fast response - nice work!

We don't invoke docker to build docker, as it's frankly absurd. We build it with the native Go toolchain

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To anyone working on this for T6823, note that the man pages are now located in components/cli/man and requires go-md2man

Guess I'll take a look at this since there are also updates for containerd and python-docker-py.