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Canon Printer Drivers
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Going to have to take a closer look at this one. Canon seems to ship their core libraries as binary blobs, which is "special".

Datadrake, my printer is a canan pixma mx 892 a scanner/printer combo which works with other distros with gutenprint.

I managed to get my C5235i working!
First I tried and managed to build and install the Linux UFRII package but unfortunately that was printing just an "**** Unable to open the initial device, quitting." message on the paper....

I finally managed to get it working using the CQue package from Canon site ( CQue_v3.0.4_Linux_32_64) .
Maybe this can be used for more printers ????

You just have to stop cups and run sudo setup from the driver directory and it will open an GUI in order to setup the printer...

The CQue driver has support only for devices from the (iR, CLC, MF, LBP) line.

Plus Cannon Scan LIDE scanner please

@JoshStrobl ~ What does it mean that [[ | my task ]]was merged here?

Canon printer drivers seem to be different packages that cannot be added all at once.

Shouldn't separate tasks be kept for different packages?

Hey Cipricus

If you read the topic on top so basically this is the main Task for all various Cannon drivers as they still missing in Solus.

I'm pretty sure the Solus team will come up with a solution soon that we can all use for our cannon printers/scanners.

Installing cups-devel (available trough Software Center) is enough to make Cannon Pixma MG2450 printer work.

That means that cnijfilter-common-mg2400 and cnijfilter-mg2400series - the driver packages that I had mentioned HERE - do NOT need to be added, as they (and/or their effects) are already provided in cups-devel.

The scanner is not installed though, Simple-Scan will not work, and the Scangearmp (the Canon GUI utility) is needed.

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@TeleSkope21 Do not change priority. That is for the Triage Team to decide.

i set it on high because printing is an very important function... and without printer drivers you cant use solus on a office pc. (i have to copy everything on my phone and print from my phone.... ^^)

While I understand your frustration, you have to understand that Canon has made it ridiculously hard for us to provide these drivers. I am explicitly removing myself as the assigned user now in order to open this up for others to work on. At this point I have spent well over 48 hours trying to sort out the madness and have made zero progress.

WORKS FOR ME - Cannon Scane Lide 100

Download atach and .....

sudo cp /Downloads/ /usr/lib64/
sudo cp /Downloads/ /usr/lib64/

sudo sane-find-scanner
sudo scanimage -L
sudo chgrp username /dev/bus/usb/002/003
NOTE: "username" - your username group

Hi I've successfully hacked together an eopkg for the Canon CAPT v2.71 drivers.

I've tested it on a fresh solus installation and my LBP2900 printer and it works well so far.

Please do take a look -> (eopkg is in the release section, install with --ignore-file-conflicts flag)


Any news regarding this? My Canon MG 5150 was working some weeks ago but has stopped working since last week I think. Can exclude hardware failure as it is working in other operating systems.

Closing due to lack of activity in over 30 days. Still eligible for inclusion.

For Pixma MP258, don't add your printer in system settings, and also no need to download/install additional packages for the printer to work (including cups-devel). Instead, head over to cups admin page: localhost:631
Then add your printer from there. It will auto select the driver (Canon MP250 series .....), and budgie will notify that a printer has been added. Now when you go to system settings, your printer will appear there too. You may make changes to the printer settings from there also. It is just that adding the printer needs to be made from CUPS web interface.
If you add the printer from system settings, it can be added but somehow it is not added in CUPS, thus printing will not work.

MP series is not mentioned over here but it is also a canon printer.

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