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sudo pip3 install doesn't work (pyconfig.h missing)
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When I install python packages with "sudo pip install xxx" everything works fine. As soon as I use pip3 instead I get this :
error: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/include/python3.5m/pyconfig.h (No such file or directory)

This folder doesn't exists even though python3 is installed. I'm not sure what to do (I tried also to use a mkvirtualenv -p python3 but it fails for the same reason).


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You need to install python3-devel which contains the header files it is asking for.

Perhaps pip3 should be moved to the python3-devel package

Works like a charm thanks

thanks i had that problem too

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Don't reopen this issue. Install python3-devel as @sunnyflunk states.

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Oh sorry, I merged this issue with a new one (because I didn't see it before I post the new one), and I totally messed up with phabricator and I tried to restore this issue as it was before. :o

It's fine. Either way, this is something that should be looked into and potentially patched. Just ya know, please don't necro thingies.

Ok so the pyconfig fiel can be patterned into the main package, that's no issue. The problem still stands that in quite a few cases, the python3-devel package will be needed to be installed, along with system.devel, to build some extensions. Those can't be resolved in "normal" packaging, nor should they.