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Cisco Packet Tracer
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Name: Cisco Packet Tracer
Why should this be included in the repository: It's one of the most famous network simulators. And it's being used by university/college students and professors.
Is it Open Source: No

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The download is behind a login wall.

Hello, is there a step by step, exposing how install the packettracer in SOLUS OS?

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Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 for Solus.

Open up Downloads folder, search for command ls the file PacketTracer

Open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t).

Type in:

sudo su
And type in your password and press Enter

Then type:

cd Downloads

Extract to one folder and rename for PacketTracer7

open the folder with command typing:

cd PacketTracer7

execute the install with command:

now, this application it is in folder in this patch, follow the command down:

cd /opt/pt

chmod +x PacketTracer7 (important put on exactly equal the name in folder with created before)

now, create the launcher for PacketTracer7