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DisplayLink USB Graphics Software
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gmol1, Aug 12 2016


I'd appreciate if you guys port DL, I wan't to use Solus in my workstation but I simply can't because of the lack of DL.

Anyways, here are the files:

I ( @aldoiljazi ), added some info:

Name: DisplayLink USB Graphics Software
Is it Open Source: no
Link to source tarball/zip file: Not available since it's not Open Source. evdi (Extensible Virtual Display Interface) is Open Source though -

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To be clear, I work with workstation computers a lot. DisplayLink is a protocol for allowing a computer to connect with things like USB monitors and laptop docks. Are you sure you aren't confusing this with the DisplayPort protocol used for high-end workstation monitors?

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The complete driver it's not under an Open Source license.

Here's the license:

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Support for USB-2.0 Displaylink devices is covered by the udl driver in kernel, and is enabled in the solus kernel. This driver is for the newer USB-3.0 devices. Just FYI for other folks looking.

Oh man, it would be the best thing ever to happen if the DisplayLink driver was easier to install and configure. Although support for USB-2.0 Displaylink devices is covered by the udl driver in kernel, and is enabled in the solus kernel, it is such a cumbersome process to setup. I have spent weeks trying to figure this out, but then, I am new to Linux.

Here is something I wrote and posted on reddit to hopefully help others.

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Evdi depends on dkms which seemes to have been available once (, is there a reason that it is not available any more?

We won't use dkms if this gets packages. It causes far more problems than it solves.

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Is there anyway that this driver could be repackaged for Solus without DKMS? I would really love to use a USB 3.0 dock with Solus.

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Is there any update on DisplayLink working in Solus? Being able to use more than 1 external monitor would be really nice. If nothing is in the works, then Santa gets back his USB display adapter. <f>

I would love to use solus on my work laptop but this is the only thing preventing me...

I too would love to use Solus on my work laptop, right now I'm using a dual boot with Windows 10 which I would love to get rid off.

Same for me, if there is a way to install DisplayLink on solus (or dkms Oo) It would be awesome.

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Given we have no plans on flatpaking or snapping this application, closing as wontfix. I'd suggest reaching out to the respective developers about supporting either of those distribution and container models, or taking on the initiative.