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avr-gcc is required for arduino to compile sketches and not depend on the precompiled binaries. This is probably something @ikey wants to take a look at :)

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DataDrake added a subscriber: DataDrake.

Couple of things.

  1. The licenses should be completely reported. This is covered under GPL-2.0, LGPL-2.1, GPL-3.0, and LGPL-3.0
  1. What it necessary to create a build directory? This looks like it should be able to do in-tree builds.
  1. Why did you delete /usr/share/man/man7 ?
  1. Why did you delete /usr/lib64/libcc1.* ?

For anyone else reviewing this. You will see a mix of linked libs and static libs. The linked libs are for the compiler itself, the static libs are for building the AVR binaries due to a lack of an embedded linker.

Thanks for your feedback. I will add the other licenses.

When i remember correctly the in-tree build failed when i tried it

/usr/share/man/man7 causes file conflicts same for libcc1.* As far as i know it is also not required for avr

Any word on this, in the first post the patch has been updated with the licenses. Is there any there any other things that need to happen here?