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FortiClient SSL-VPN
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FortiClient SSL-VPN


Why should this be included in the repository?
It is a requirement for people who have to connect to a VPN network which is build on the closed sourced FortiGate solution. Note that it depends on the ppp package which at the time of writing isn't in the repositories yet. I'll be adding a package request for that after this one.

Is it Open Source:

Link to source tarball/zip file:
They don't host it themselves. Arch linux uses the following github repository:

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Link for the PPP package request (dependency). I didn't add it as a sub task as I don't know about the policies on this.

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Actual tarball is behind a login:

That guy on github is likely in violation of the Terms of Service for the fortinet website. Moreover, fortinet doesn't officially support a linux client. You have to strip it out of their firmware. Not going into Third Party.