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Please make hfsprogs available in the repos.

Name: hfsprogs
Is it Open Source: yes
Link to source tarball/zip file:

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T6005: hfsprogs package!

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This hasn't seen an update since 2013.

Does that make the software worse? I mean, the protocol is old, why should there be an update? Ubuntu includes this, and I don't see any problem per se having older *working* code in a repository.

I'm not sure why Solus doesn't include older software... my guess is for security. Personally I think they should include older software but add a warning to it when installing!

An update on this.

The OP source is not used by most distros.
According to the AUR and Fedora Package Sources, there is a fork meant for GNU/Linux, since Apple's upstream sources require libraries and headers that are not present on GNU/Linux.

The AUR package relies on Fedora's builds, which in turn relies on Gentoo patches to package hfsprogs.