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Game Controller Support: Mayflash USB Gamecube to PC Adapter
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Hey, there.

So I believe I have a Mayflash USB Gamecube > PC USB adapter - lsusb says it's: Bus 001 Device 016: ID 1a34:f705. It looks just like the one in the picture on the manufacturers' website here.

As for the problem, it seems like it's not supported - nothing happens when I check it using a game development library, or in other games. By the way, a method to test connected gamepad devices would be nice (I just opened a request for jstest-gtk).

I'd like to request support for this controller / USB device, if possible.

Running Solus fully updated - 1.2.1.


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Could you try to install Mgba package ?

I have a xbox360-mimiclikewhatever gamepad, it only works with Mgba, No other softwares allow me to use it.

Nah, that didn't work - it didn't detect my controller, either.

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This requires CONFIG_HID_ACRUX which I'm enabling now

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I believe this issue to be fixed in:
As such, I will close this issue as resolved. After you have tested the update (via unstable or when it lands in stable),
if it does NOT solve your issue, please reopen for reevaluation.