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Software Center installs updates but hangs at the end of the process
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Hey there,
this might be different from T1221 since it doesn't deal with third-party software.
I just updated my system with the latest updates available: the process went well, but it hanged at the very end with the wheel turning again and again. Closing the Software Center and rebooting proves that the updates were installed, since a new "Check for Updates" showed that nothing new was available. It seems like there's a problem switching from the "Applying Updates" page to the "Your System is Up to Date" one.
I don't remember every package that was being updated, but a newer version of the kernel (and broadcom-sta, in my case) was definitely there - although it wasn't the first kernel upgrade I did.
Let me know if you need more info! ;)

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I also encountered this when updating today. Everything appears to have installed correctly, but the updater stayed at the "installing updates" for 30 minutes until I closed it. Re-opening it showed that there were no remaining updates to install.

EDIT: In fact, the Solus Software Center doesn't seem able to fully complete anything now. It can install a piece of software correctly, but will never finish the process, meaning nothing else can be installed until it the Software Center is closed and re-opened. Same with uninstalling software.

Here we go been over 30 mins still says updating..
See attached pic

Screenshot from 2016-11-18 16-50-37.png (739×1 px, 231 KB)

I do have the same issue. Once i click install on third party software
Software center gets stuck & i cannot standard buildin packages

Screenshot from 2016-11-18 21-06-02.png (739×996 px, 290 KB)

Screenshot from 2016-11-18 21-06-42.png (739×996 px, 93 KB)

Perhaps this is due to problems retrying network transactions that fail due to lost packets. It seems as though the algorithm doesn't have a robust ability to adjust to network conditions which vary over time, especially if certain control packets are lost. At best, it seems to hang there for half an hour before timing out or succeeding. To be fair, I doubt whether this is a Solus problem, as Software Center has always been unreliable in this manner in every distro I ever tried.

@testmonkey isn't Software Center in Solus an in-built app? It's no Ubuntu Software Center nor Gnome Software Center, and I always thought it wasn't a fork of them.

@Codalunga That's correct (regarding being a in-built app). Not sure what @testmonkey is talking about, outside of all of it being completely inaccurate. eopkg handles networking just fine, I highly doubt this is the issue and I don't think he should be speculating about it.

Well sure maybe it's something else, although it would be useful to test what happens if you artificially kill a few packets during an attempted upgrade. Anyway I'm glad you're looking into this.

I was watching the systemd journal while updating, not sure if this is related, but comar crashed right as the updates finished.

Nov 18 20:38:29 sabre[555]: Executing: /usr/bin/dracut -N -f --kver 4.8.8
Nov 18 20:38:34 sabre[555]: *** Store current command line parameters ***
Nov 18 20:38:34 sabre[555]: *** Creating image file ***
Nov 18 20:38:54 sabre[555]: *** Creating image file done ***
Nov 18 20:38:59 sabre kernel: comar[10547]: segfault at 7fc0aadaf540 ip 00007fc0aadaf540 sp 00007ffc261206d8 error 15 in[7fc0aad9e000+3c000]
Nov 18 20:39:16 sabre budgie-wm.desktop[876]: Window manager warning: Buggy client sent a _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW message with a timestamp of 0 for 0x1400007 (budgie-pan)
Nov 18 20:39:26 sabre systemd-coredump[16437]: Process 10547 (comar) of user 0 dumped core.

I can provide the core dump if it will be useful.

I have experienced the same on my system. And it is happening consistently, every time I update software center hangs right before it is supposed to inform that all updates are installed. On relaunching the software centre there are no new updates.

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This was fixed in:

You might need to do an update from command line to fix it:

sudo eopkg up